A lovely stainless steel masala dabba with six unique spice blends and recipe cards. A seventh container of high quality hot chilli powder is included for you to adjust the level of heat in your dishes.  Each dabba comes with a see through lid to give you a clear view of the spices inside.  A spoon is included in the kit for easy dispensing.

£25 including postage

Chana Masala

A spice mix specially designed for chickpea curries containing nigella seeds, fennel, ajwain (lovage) and coriander. The result is a wonderfully light but spiced version of chana masala. Recipe card for Chana Masala included.

Kitchen Queen Masala

A highly aromatic mix of 19 spices including fenugreek, fennel, mace, nutmeg, star anise and black cardamom. Just a pinch or two added towards the end of cooking will enhance your curry. Especially suited for makhani dishes such as butter chicken and spinach dishes.

Recipe card for Palak Paneer included.

Vegetable Masala

An all rounder, this spice mix is great for sautéing potatoes and also a variety of root and leafy vegetables. It combines dried mango, asafoetida, cumin and coriander with fenugreek to add depth.

Recipe card for Aloo Methi included.

 Special Garam Masala

Our unique take on garam masala where black pepper, cloves and cinnamon, are complemented with star anise and black cardamom. A superior substitute for standard garam masala that will impart a stronger flavour to your dishes.

Recipe Card for Andhra Lamb Curry included.

Chicken Curry Masala

A highly fragrant spice mix with green cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and coriander. Excellent for making light chicken curry without the heavy onion gravy.Recipe Card for Ceylon Chicken Curry included.

Kolhapuri Masala

A complex spice mix of 15 individually toasted ingredients with dominant flavours of coconut, byadgi chilli, sesame, onion and garlic combined with undernotes of clove, black cumin, star anise, Indian bay leaf and long pepper. Just add 1-2 teaspoons to your usual curry to spice it up. It also makes an incredibly tasty sprinkle on toast or popcorn.

Recipe card for Kolhapuri Goat Curry included.