Deccan Tiffin – 9 November 2019 09:26

#recipeoftheday Aloo Methi the recipe is on my website now
This is one of my favourite sabzis and I make it when fresh fenugreek leaves are available. On their own fenugreek leaves are bitter but when combined with other ingredients they add an umami like taste. Methi is much celebrated in India for its medicinal properties as it’s said to be good for the health, skin and figure. Also it’s a vegetable that grows almost anywhere in the Indian climate. It’s a fast grower so it can be harvested in a few days. It’s a good way of earning for poorer folk in urban areas who plant the seed in any available space.
Do try out my recipe. It’s a very tasty dish and gives you that little bit of extra effect for a dinner party! #vegan #plantbased #taste #homecooked #recipe #fenugreek #methi #healthyfood #cleaneating #trythisrecipe #instadaily #food #delicious


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