Deccan Tiffin – 8 March 2020 14:22

Had a wonderful morning with Chef @dunkkyp showing him how to make Tandoori Chicken in my kitchen. I was a little nervous as this is a man who has cooked professionally in restaurants and hotels for more than 20 years and I don’t cook scientifically. It’s more about instinct and emotion for me. That means I don’t measure anything and cook based on my judgement of the ingredients. Had such a wonderful time with him – he is so laid back and such a foodie. Can’t wait to do the bake off that we are planning with him doing European breads and me doing Indian breads. Foodies are the best people! #fooduk #foodiesofinstagram #homecooking #tandoorichicken #chicken #spices #sundaylunch #cooking #eeeeeats #letseat #roastchicken #curry


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