Deccan Tiffin – 3 November 2019 14:19

A beautiful vegan daal for lunch today. This is made from pigeon pea or Arhar Daal as we know it in the north of India (other names, tur, tuvar). Pigeon pea daal is a staple in a variety of forms across India. It grows in rain fed conditions so it was grown in many parts of the country. In my opinion it’s one of the most flavoursome daals and can be eaten in a very simple form.
2 cups split pigeon pea washed until the water runs clear;
1/2 red onion finely chopped;
2 hot green chillies chopped;
1/2 tsp asafoetida powder;
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 T cumin seed;
1/2 tsp Deghi or Kashmiri chilli powder;
Juice of one lime,
Put the raw daal, green chilli, onion and salt in a pan. Add twice the volume of water. Cook until the daal is completely soft. Pressure cooking will be faster. Once cooked mash the daal so that individual grains can’t be seen. This important step is known as “ghotna” and is essential for releasing the taste.
Heat 2T cooking oil in a small frying pan. Add cumin seeds. When these start to splutter add the asafoetida, stir, switch the heat off and add the chilli powder. Pour this chhonk (tadka) on the cooked daal. Stir before serving. Add a dash of lime juice. Adjust salt and serve.

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