Deccan Tiffin – 28 October 2019 18:54

Papdi Chaat served at my supperclub – the homemade chutneys make all the difference to this dish. Papdi refers to the crisp savoury biscuits on which other layers are placed. I grew up on this – very popular streetfood which me and my friends would often eat when out in the evening. Legend has it that Chaat was created on the advice of doctors who said that something spicy and tangy was needed to cure the tummy ailments of the people. The spices contain many ingredients that are believed to be good for the digestion including ajwain seed and black salt. I do love papdi Chaat and it is my absolute favourite among the Chaat dishes in Delhi. #indianstreetfood #chaat #chatpata #papdichaat #supperclub #brighton #foodporn #instagood #eeeeeats #homecooked #indianfoodbloggers #desi


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