Deccan Tiffin – 27 April 2020 20:25

Aloo Tamatar Chokha or Spiced mash potatoes with grilled tomatoes, chilli and mustard oil. I basically made this to upcycle left over mashed potatoes. Mixed them with grilled tomatoes, finely chopped onion and green chilli, added salt and red chilli powder and drizzled with raw mustard oil. Luckily I had some proper mustard oil as that is the main flavouring in this dish. The only thing missing was green coriander as that’s in short supply at the moment. Traditionally this would be served with baked filled dough balls known as Litti. Aubergine chokha made with roasted aubergines is a delightful variation of this. #potatoes #mash #spicymashedpotatoes #chokha #alootamatarchokha #lockdownfood #quarantinecuisine #brighton #foodporn #foodism #indianfoodblogger


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