Deccan Tiffin – 13 March 2020 08:01

I love cooking with tofu. Here I’ve shallow fried slices in a Burmese fish, garlic and chilli mix. I was introduced to tofu at a very young age by my extremely foodie dad who made it at home from scratch in Delhi. I was of course the little sous chef straining the soaked and ground soybeans to extract soya milk, stirring large bats of boiling soya milk, running around excitedly when the precipitation worked and then straining it and pressing it to get the much anticipated blocks. It’s a really versatile ingredient full of hunger satisfying protein. I like to eat it as part of a meal and in between meals as a snack. My dad had a few favourite recipes like braised tofu and black mushrooms and Mapo Tofu. Soy is a natural source of phytoestrogens which have been linked to easing menopause symptoms but also the risk of certain cancers. There is also growing awareness of the environmental impact of soy cultivation. So moderation is good.
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