Deccan Tiffin – 1 January 2020 20:27

Indo-Chinese Bottom-of-the-Fridge-Fried Rice was aptly my last lunch of the previous decade. I found a wilted leek, three tired spring onions, shrivelled ginger root, a tin of tuna, black bean paste, sesame oil and some cooked rice. And so was born a feast for the senses. .
I learnt how to make really good fried rice from my mum as she would often make it for my dad to take in his Tiffin to work. She made it with literally anything she could find including sprouted beans and different kinds of condiments. #wastenotwantnot #cutfoodwaste #pastsellbydate #foodwaste #friedrice #bottomofthefridge #tasty #food #yummy #letseat #brighton #sustainableliving


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