Next Supperclub 9 Aug 19:00, Westbourne Villas, Hove.

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This a BYO event. A welcome cocktail will be offered on arrival

Past events

Maharani Supperclub July 2019

Heart of Spring Five Course Indian Feast June 2019

Spring Feast Five Course Indian Menu 30 March 2019

Dum Pukht 2 February 2019

An Indian Xmas: 15 December 2018

Shikar: An Awadhi Game Feast 1 December 2018

Diwali in Hove 3 November, 2018

A Journey through Royal Awadhi and Mughlai Indian Cuisine
Sun 30 Sept, 2018
Dhaba49, Maida Vale, London

Rave reviews received!



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Thanks to @deccanbtn for two amazing curries at her supper club this weekend. Now I love a curry, I can spend all day on one but after tasting these I realise I am so novice in comparison. The amount of time – days, the effort and pure fresh, incredible ingredients that go into these curries, create amazing results and totally worth the time. First one, a Lucknow specialty called Kali Mirch murgh, or Black pepper chicken. all the heat comes from the pepper, not chillies. Something I’ve not experienced before and it works !! Second was a mutton korma. Using pangdan it gives the most incredible flavour and the meat was just so tender. Served with I think the best Indian potatoes I’ve ever had. Made with fenugreek I’m going straight for the recipe!! ~ ~ ~ #supperclub #indian #tasty #curry #lovecurry #pepperchicken #muttoncurry #india #lucknow #spicy #spices #fragrant #indiancurry #fenugreek #potatoes #indianpotatoes #summerevening #indianfood #indiannight #hove #brightonfoodie #foodblog #fooddelicious #dinner #foodover #foodlove #indiancusine #indiannight #foodies #foodclub

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Beautiful starters made by Priya @deccanbtn supper club this weekend. First came the shami kebab, minced lamb with a balanced amount of spice that grew on you slightly. The yogurt & mint chutney dip was perfect to calm the heat and so tasty. Also served, which we all got a bit excited about was a hemp seed and sesame chutney that had a real nutty flavour, texture of humous but no intoxicating properties. Second starter was Kakori kebab again from the region of Lucknow in northern India, smoked chicken, mace and could really taste the black cardamom and so zesty with lime. Both kebabs are very different from anything I’ve ever tasted before and even better when you know they’ve been put together with knowledge behind, making them totally authentic. ~ ~ ~ #supperclub #indian #tasty #kakori #kebab #shamikebab #shami #india #lucknow #spicy #lamb #chickenmince #spices #fragrant #lime #indianstarter #bhangkichutney #indianfood #indiannight #hove #brightonfoodie #foodblog #fooddelicious #dinner #foodover #foodlove #indiancusine #indiannight #foodies #foodclub

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20 May at 19:00–21:30

Darjeeling Express, Kingly Court, Carnaby St, Soho, London W1B 5PW

Thank you to all my lovely friends for your support and generosity for making this happen!


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Feedback (unedited!)

“Excellent event Priya. Great food, great company, made some new friends and had some great tasting experiences! Thank you for a super evening!”, Jeff Haynes, Brighton.

“Lovely evening at Polygon pop-up last night. Delightful venue and Priya’s Indian food tasty and delicately spiced. Enjoyed every mouthful and particularly appreciated the background she gave to each dish and her visits to every table to check all was OK.”, Sonia Marsh, Hove.

“I had friends who dined with you last night, who are particularly knowledgeable and well travelled with Indian food, and they loved it.  They say your lamb cutlets were ‘to die for’.”, Lel, Tabl Support Team.

“Moira and I went to the Supperclub on the 21st of June and were delighted with a superb 5 course meal and pleasant company. The food was a subcontinent away from the standard fare served up in your local Indian restaurant and as each course arrived, our host Priya explained the origins of the dish and other interesting information about the herbs and spices that were used. We are definitely looking forward to the next Supperclub.”, Richard Vahrman, Hove.

“Priya’s knowledge and passion for food from different regions of India guarantee an interesting menu. Every course is a delight, as Priya describes the history and background of each carefully chosen dish. And of course every dish has been lovingly and expertly created from the best fresh ingredients – Priya prepares every thing herself from scratch. You will have an evening of good conversation and gastronomic delight – I highly recommend it.” Sheila Brookes, Hove.

“The care and attention to detail that went into the food and ambience were outstanding. All the dishes were delicious. I particularly enjoyed the green mango, tamarind and mint cocktail that we were welcomed with and the rich and complex spice mix that accompanied the idli and coconut chutney. The fish biriani, pigeon pea and tomato dal and chunky cucumber salad together made an exquisite main course.”, Guest, Brighton.

“I had a superb time. The atmosphere of Priya’s massive, mysterious and unconventional Victorian house is magical. The welcome drink adds a sophisticated touch. By sharing the table with other people you’ll have made new friends by the end of the evening. The food is good and the quick blurb about it Priya gives wets your appetite. I wish I had more money to go more often but alas you pay for good things in life! Don’t miss the experience.”, Roberta Piazza, Brighton.

“Deccan Tiffin’s Maharani supper club was fantastic.  Excellent, gourmet food, a million miles from the usual British curry.  Probably the best meal we’ve had this year (including Michelin starred cuisine).”, Mark, Hove.

“This Goan feast was a performance of tastes, textures and colours, playing off each other, and making even the best Indian restaurants seem predictable. A series of small dishes, including deceptively elegant Goan beach and street foods, led up to the mains that showed off all the best features of Indian cooking.” Gordon, Lewes.

Great turnout for the “Goan” Maharani Supperclub on Saturday the 16th of May. The pork Vindaloo was popular and I had a very happy group of guests overall.  So satisfying to hear positive feedback, especially when you have been on your feet all day.  Makes it all worthwhile.

“This was an exceptional experience and we were privileged to be trying Indian dishes of the very highest pedigree”

– Andrew Kay, Food Critic, reviewing the Awadhi Supperclub.

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