If you are a keen cook and want to learn how to cook authentic Indian food you have landed on the right page. Welcome to a whole new experience of cooking Indian regional food from scratch.

This blog contains recipes with clear and brief instructions on how to prepare a variety of vegan, vegetarian, meat and fish based dishes. Many recipes are light and spicy but not very hot, so very different to curry house dishes.

My focus is on helping you to prepare delicious and authentic dishes from different regions in India including Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. You will see Mughlai dishes from the Mughals of North India, Nizami dishes from the Nizams of Hyderabad and Vegetarian dishes from the Brahmins, Aggarwals and Marwaris of West and North India. Indian cuisine is very diverse and I hope to introduce you to some of this richness through this blog.


Priya Deshingkar & venison qorma

Royal Venison Qorma

Beans with Kuti Mirch

Lightly fried beans with pounded chilli

Red Radish salad

Red Radish Salad with Black Salt

Kurkurit bhendi

Kurkurit Bhendi - Maharashtrian/Goan style crisy Okra

Jhat Pat Chicken



Dhokla - savoury chickpea flour cake

Fried Sprats

Fried Sprats

Usal – Maharashtrian sprouted bean/lentils

Usal is a generic term used to describe a lightly spiced curry made with whole lentils or beans, often sprouted. My mum was always making Usals of various kinds because my father loved them: matki (also known as moth beans) usal, mung, masur or lentil usal and black eyed bean usal. You… read more

usal ready

Kurkurit Bhendi – Maharashtrian/Goan style crisy Okra

Okra is one of those vegetables, you either like it or you hate it. Most people who hate it dislike its sticky texture when cooked. Kurkurit Bhendi is a dish made out of okra that rids this vegetable of all stickiness and turns it into a wonderful crispy side for… read more

Kurkurit bhendi

Masoor Ki Daal (type 1)

Perhaps it is because two thirds of the country is under rain-fed farming conditions that Indian cuisine uses a wide range of pulses and beans.  Many pulses are hardy and drought resistant and cultivated by small farmers across the country.  Daal, the generic term for a dish made with pulses,… read more

Tomato Pohe

Pohe or pounded rice is a popular breakfast or snack dish in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The rice is par boiled while still in the husk and pounded afterwards to flatten it.  This then becomes a kind of instant rice that can be cooked very quickly.  In fact it can even be… read more

Tomato Pohe

Maharashtrian Crispy Potatoes

This recipe for Maharashtrian fried potatoes or “Batatyachi Bhaaji” is from my mother. It is a crispier and simpler version of Bombay Potatoes and is delicious as a side with an Indian meal. There are very few spices in here but together they create a taste that is unique to that… read more

Batatyachi Bhaji iphone twitter

Ceylon Chicken Curry

A beautiful cardamom and cinnamon infused chicken curry that can be enjoyed with rice or roti. This has been in my family for years and was probably named in this way because of the strong notes of cinnamon.  It is very light and easy to prepare and is always a hit… read more

ceylon chicken curry best

Masala Cauliflower and Spring Greens

For a colourful side dish, try this medley of cauliflower and spring greens.  Extremely simple to make with our ready-made spice mix.  The only thing you need to watch is the sequencing and timing. You will need: 250 g cauliflower florets 250 g spring greens cut into inch-wide strips (you can change… read more

photo (8)

Masala Cabbage

Bring your cabbage or Spring greens to life with this very simple recipe. Serve as a side in an Indian meal or with a roast dinner. You will need: 500 g cabbage (any variety) cut into inch wide pieces 1-2 tsp Deccan Tiffin Vegetable Masala  4 tbsp cooking oil Salt to taste Method:… read more

photo (9)

Puris with Dahi Ke Aloo and Kala Chana

There is nothing quite like a hot puri, straight out of the kadhai and on to your plate.  Puris are deep fried but surprisingly non-greasy as they do not asborb a lot of oil.  They are popular all over India and are usually eaten for breakfast or as part of a festive meal.  A… read more

Puri, Dahi Aloo&Kala Chana2


Aah..Chicken Curry, the very mention of which conjures up images of comfort food at home.  It is the ultimate generic Indian dish that is cooked in thousands of ways up and down the country with every family doing it their own way.  The recipe that I am giving you here contains… read more

Jhat Pat Chicken