If you are a keen cook and want to learn how to cook authentic Indian food you have landed on the right page. Welcome to a whole new experience of cooking Indian regional food from scratch.

This blog contains recipes with clear and brief instructions on how to prepare a variety of vegan, vegetarian, meat and fish based dishes. Many recipes are light and spicy but not very hot, so very different to curry house dishes.

My focus is on helping you to prepare delicious and authentic dishes from different regions in India including Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. You will see Mughlai dishes from the Mughals of North India, Nizami dishes from the Nizams of Hyderabad and Vegetarian dishes from the Brahmins, Aggarwals and Marwaris of West and North India. Indian cuisine is very diverse and I hope to introduce you to some of this richness through this blog.




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Pav Bhaji

Chicken liver fry

Chicken Liver Fry

Kolhapuri Tamda Rassa


kala chana


Kurkurit bhendi

Kurkurit Bhendi - Maharashtrian/Goan style crisy Okra


Dhokla - savoury chickpea flour cake

Salmon cooked with Ajowan/Carom seeds

Ajwain or Ajowan/Carom/Bishop’s weed as it is variously known, is often consumed with dishes that are thought of as rich, because it counteracts any indigestion that may arise from their consumption. Ajwain and fish are old companions in North India where Ajwaini Mahi Tikka is an old favourite. I have adapted… read more

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Hake in a Bengali Mustard Sauce

Bengalis and Biharis cook a lot with mustard and mustard oil. One of my favourite dishes is fish in mustard sauce. Here is a recipe adapted for what’s available in the UK. I like to use Hake or other firm fish that dont lose their shape while frying. This dish… read more

Bengali fish

ANDHRA FISH CURRY (Chepala Pulusu)

Coastal cuisine in India varies every few hundred miles: a fish curry in Konkan is nothing like a fish curry in Kerala, which is nothing like a fish curry in Andhra Pradesh! Menus in Indian restaurants, even in India, rarely do justice to this amazing diversity of coastal cuisine. In Andhra… read more


Indian Street Food Style Tilapia

Tilapia is a versatile, freshwater fish which takes on the flavours of sauces really nicely. I cannot say that I grew up eating this fish because it was not really around much then. It was only with the spread of imported farmed fish in the UK that Tilapia entered my world. I… read more

pan fried fish