If you are a keen cook and want to learn how to cook authentic Indian food you have landed on the right page. Welcome to a whole new experience of cooking Indian regional food from scratch.

This blog contains recipes with clear and brief instructions on how to prepare a variety of vegan, vegetarian, meat and fish based dishes.

My focus is on helping you to prepare delicious and authentic dishes. Let’s get cooking!

Paneer and Peppers


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Gobhi Masala

Mung Daal

Chhilke Wali Mung Ki Daal - whole green mung bean daal

ceylon chicken curry best

Ceylon Chicken Curry


Raan - Leg of Lamb with black cumin and mace

Egg curry

Egg Curry with fennel, nigella and fenugreek


Instant Daal - Maharashtrian Pithle

Beans with Kuti Mirch

Lightly fried beans with pounded chilli

Keema Matar

This is a dish that is found throughout North India as well as Pakistan and it is popular because it is easy to make, relatively cheap for a meat dish and very tasty. I like to serve it as part of a meal with chapatis or rotis and vegetables. Serves… read more