On this page you will find our products on sale. These include Masala Dabbas with a set of recipe cards, Masala Spice Curry Kits, and Chutneys and Sauces.

Indian Streetfood Sauces and Chutneys

Ever since I can remember, I had a passion for the richness and variety of food in India. This was heightened when I left India to live in the UK in the 80s. All of a sudden, everything I took for granted was not available and I had to start cooking seriously to recreate that taste of home. I always dreamed of having a food business and November 2012 was my “now or never” moment. It has been a hard slog to establish myself and not easy where everything about Indian food already seems to have been done or said. But I feel I have a unique voice because of my upbringing and deep understanding of Indian flavours and cooking techniques. I was born to Maharashtrian parents and spent my childhood in Delhi, watching my mother and many “aunties” creating wonderful chaat dishes and kababs in their kitchens. I later spent 12 years in the southern city of Hyderabad, learning first hand how to cook classics such as idlis and vadas. All of these wonderful dishes were always served with fresh homemade sauces and you can experience that truly Indian taste with my range of sauces and spices at Deccan Tiffin.

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All of our chutneys and spreads are made to recipes inspired by traditional family recipes.  They are highly versatile and can be eaten used to cook with, in sandwiches and wraps and with roasted veggies or meats.

Fiery Coconut and Chickpea

Perfect as a houmous substitute – eat with salads, in sandwiches & wraps.

Zingy Peanut Spread

Try this instead of regular peanut butter! Good for spicing up sandwiches.

Magic Mint Sauce

Transforms meat, poultry or fried snacks, just drizzle a small amount on!

Chilli Crush

Use instead of Indian pickle. Can be used in cooking for spicy sauces.

Tangy Tamarind

A versatile sweet & sour sauce. Great substitute for brown sauce.

Chilli Cranberry

Spice up your roast dinner with this gorgeously decadent sauce!

Each jar is a handy size of 190 ml.  The spreads should be refrigerated on arrival.  They taste best if consumed within two months of purchase. Avoid contaminating the product by using clean spoons or knives.