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This is probably the sauce that led to Colonial recipes for brown sauces with exotic ingredients – one is thinking here of HP sauce with its tamarind and spice extracts.  This sauce is used extensively in North India in various chaat dishes and is locally known as “saunth” or “khatti meethi” or sweet and sour chutney.  I have tried to recreate it for that original taste that I remember so well from my childhood.  The Chaat – Wallah round the corner used to serve the best Gol Gappe in town and this chutney was a critical ingredient in that.


Tangy Tamarind Sauce is a perfect substitute for brown sauce and can go with chips, in your sandwiches or with your mains. It will keep in the fridge for at least two months. Completely Gluten free and Vegan. Available in 190 ml jars.  £5.00 per jar inc P&P, £12 for any three inc P&P – click here to order three.