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Kitchen Queen Masala Curry Kit


A highly aromatic mix of 19 spices, including fenugreek, fennel, mace, nutmeg, star anise and black cardamom. Just a pinch or two added towards the end of cooking will enhance your curry. Especially suited for makhani dishes such as butter chicken and spinach dishes, but can be used in almost any meat, fish, vegetable or bean curry for added flavour.

Our spices are hand-made, gourmet quality, vegan and gluten free.  The spices are ground in small batches to provide you the best experience.  The spices are coarsely ground to lock in the flavour which can be lost rapidly if they are ground too finely.

Please note that this spice mix will add aroma and flavour to your dish but only some heat.  If you would like your curry to be hotter you will need to add chilli powder.

The masala spice mix comes in a 50g bag inside a beautiful pouch made of woven “khan” material.  This material is traditionally made used for saree blouses in the Indian state of Maharashtra and each caste had a distinctive khan pattern.

A recipe card for Palak Paneer is included in this kit.

The price includes second class postage to UK mainland destinations.