Small Plates from India

Join me on an exciting journey through India with some of our most popular street foods. I am really excited to be hosting this popup at Café Plenty because of its wonderful ambience and unique profile in the Brighton food scene.

We will travel together through north India and then move on to Western India which are both important culinary centres for street food and chaat dishes. The city is currently abuzz with the concept of small plates and this popup is very much in keeping with that style, where we will offer each one of you six small plates with very distinct vegetarian dishes. As you may know India has a very very long tradition of vegetarian food and each one of these dishes will be made to a traditional recipe so that you can experience the true taste.

I will talk you through each dish but here is a brief description to whet your appetite:
Pav Bhaji – legend has it that Pav Bhaji, which literally translates to bread and vegetables, was created by a street vendor in Mumbai to cater to mill workers looking for a tasty lunch. It is a dish like no other with its varied mix of vegetables cooked with spices and served with toasted pav buns.
Paneer Tikka – Marinated pieces of Indian cheese, served with a mint and coriander chutney. Very popular in Delhi where its often eaten standing up, at markets and roadside dhabas.
Sabudana Vada – Deep fried Tapioca and Peanut cakes are a popular road-side snack in western India often eaten in the morning or at tea time.
Pohe – Pounded rice cooked with cumin, mustard, green chilli, coriander and tomato is a lightly spiced streetfood popular across India with variations. We will have the version cooked with green peas on the day.
Vangyache Kaap – Marinated slices of aubergine dredged in rice flour and pan friend. Completely moreish if you like aubergines.
Ragda Pattice – Potato patties served with a dried pea curry and tamarind sauce. Another Mumbai classic.