Featured in MintLounge

Delighted to be featured in this week’s edition of MintLounge – the lifestyle edition of India’s prominent Livemint newspaper of the Hindustan Times Group. I’ve published articles on migration with them before but this is the first time I’ve been profiled as a home chef. Nice to have the recognition!

Pork Vindaloo – the history and less known facts

Pork Vindaloo or Vindalho De Porco When the Portuguese arrived in the early 1500s or 500 years ago they brought new fruit crops like pineapple, cashew nuts tobacco and of course the chilli pepper. They also brought with them new ways of preparing foods such as marinating meat in vinegar…. read more

Lal Maas – busting myths

On my most recent visit to Jaipur I ate at Handi, one of the best-known restaurants for Lal Maas, and was intrigued by the way it had been presented. It had nearly no sauce and was quite hot! It was the dryness of the dish that surprised me because it… read more

What’s so special about Supperclubs?

Why go to our Supperclub when you have so many other options in Brighton and Hove? This is probably a question that is at the back of your mind when deciding where to have your next Indian meal.  The answer is simple. With a supperclub, the quality and authenticity of the food are paramount…. read more

Feature on Deccan Tiffin on Rosemary and Porkbelly

I was very excited when Rosemary and Porkbelly said they would come and do a photo shoot of me cooking a dish and also talk to me about Deccan Tiffin and the philosophy behind it.  We spent a relaxed and enjoyable morning together, talking about food (my favourite subject).  It was really… read more

Review of Maharani Supperclub in Latest Magazine

We are thrilled with the glowing review of the Maharani Supperclub in the 16 Dec issue of Latest Magazine written by Andrew Kay, a leading figure in the food scene in Brighton and Hove.  Deccan Tiffin launched its supperclub series with the Maharani Supperclub on the 29th of November.  The theme of the… read more