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Review of Maharani Supperclub in Latest Magazine

We are thrilled with the glowing review of the Maharani Supperclub in the 16 Dec issue of Latest Magazine written by Andrew Kay, a leading figure in the food scene in Brighton and Hove.  Deccan Tiffin launched its supperclub series with the Maharani Supperclub on the 29th of November.  The theme of the… read more

Supperclub launch guests

Deccan Tiffin SupperClub Launched

Deccan Tiffin Supperclub launch with the Maharani Christmas Feast on the 29th of November The impressive list of guests included Andrew Kay of Latest TV fame, Chef Kanthi from the Curry Leaf Cafe and foodbloggers Rosemary and Porkbelly. The feast began with a complimentary mango and chilli cocktail, followed by… read more